Thank you for reaching out to VEAES

We are working hard on responding to member questions and concerns as quickly as possible. If you have a general question, please talk to your Staff Rep or Health and Safety Reps first. If your issue or question remains unresolved, email is the most effective way to receive a timely response, given the high number of communications being received at this time.

If you are in an unsafe situation at your worksite, report this immediately to your principal or vice principal with a union rep.

Contacting the VEAES In-House Table Officers

Please use a non-VSB e-mail address when communicating electronically with the VEAES Office.

Jody Polukoshko, President
Marjorie Dumont, Vice President
Darren Tereposky, Vice President
Karine Ng, Vice President
Vanessa Lebfevre, Vice President
Eric Proulx, Vice President

Administrative Office Staff

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410 – 2238 Yukon Street
Vancouver, BC   V5Y 3P2
O: 604 873-8378



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